01/01/2013: The Rebecca Riots – Not One Step Back

If you’re reading this, congratulations.  In the space of ten days you’ve survived the end of the world, a gastronomic assault on your body and the sales.  Welcome to 2013.  Here’s your reward, our first free download of the year –  and it’s a blinder!

Canterbury based band The Rebecca Riots released their new E.P He Her Here Hereafter at the end of last year.  From it is the track Not One Step Back.  The last track on the release, Not One Step Back has more to keep your ears busy than a silent disco with your two favourite tracks being played simultaneously. Opening on a tropical riff the track soon breaks into a heavy and energetic noise storm.  Don’t get too carried away though.  At two minutes in the track changes and  takes on a tone laced with honesty as fragile guitars and drums build.  Reaching the drop Not One Step Back then takes on a fresh and big sound as it builds to a crescendo.

The Rebecca Riots have a refreshingly realistic and honest sound underpinned by good lyrics.  Through Not One Step Back their versatility and adaptability is shown.  As this audio butterfly of a song grows through its stages of development you’d be forgiven for thinking the track had changed.  Something we at least enjoy very much about music.  Find Not One Step Back here along with six other tracks.  Yours for free unless you’re feeling generous.


Free Download: Escape the Ocean –  Mescaline Vigil 

Free Download: Wheres Billy – Anxiety


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