Wildfowl – The Carousel E.P

I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to you about wildfowl.  Don’t worry this isn’t a hack by the RSPB.  Wildfowl are actually a Medway based  band playing swagger laden blusey rock.  Wildfowl formed in August and are releasing their debut, The Carousel E.P.  To show off even further the E.P was recorded in just one day.  What waits on it are six dirty and infectious tracks.

The first of these is Shackles.  Instantly an inviting riff climbs out of whatever your using (speakers, headphones, singing squirrels, y’know).  Carried along by a strong bass line your ears are then treated to the vocals.  With the vocal duties shared across the Carousel E.P you’re treated first to Rory Asten Bell’s smokey warblings before Genevieve Gore joins to complete the harmony.  Driven by that hooky riff and strong drumming Shackles jaunts along, setting up the sound of Wildfowl perfectly.

Influences such as Jack White and Miles Kane shine through in Wildfowl’s delivery of raw guitar driven blues.  Rory’s guitar works well with the rest of the band, helping tell stories.  Equally however it can take center stage and impress.  Denials Your Friend shows this guitar work at it’s best as a supportive riff pulses through verses before building to hooky crescendo as the song enters it’s final minute.  Always helpful in a band is the drumming, which is powerful throughout the Carousel E.P.  The beats laid down by Adam Green drive the songs forward, and are at their most pounding in tracks such as Half Cut.  The clarity of the recorded drum sound is also impressive.  Sean Meaney’s bass creates a pervading sense of rhythm across the Carousel E.P, but particularly beasty in tracks like such as Carousel.

Stand out tracks on the E.P include You Tripped Me and Carousel.  This Opens with an uncertain chime before an attention grabbing riff straight from a Bond film kicks in.  You Tripped Me also shows Genevieve leading the vocal duties.  Her clear vocals deliver the lyrics straight to the center of your brain and contrast the dirty (in all the best ways) music beneath them.  Add a catchy chorus to that big Bond riff and raucous drumming and this song won’t leave your mind.  As the raucous and energetic end approaches this track is a world away from its opening.  The title track Carousel is a five minute epic with a body possessing rhythm.  The song shows the band at their most versatile.  It has a big and infectious sound in places.  However it also has a slow vocal breakdown  and a cheeky false end as more bluestastic (that’s totally thing..now) storms down your ears.

Wildfowl have started off big.  The Carousel E.P is a six track blues manifestos of energy, soul and passion.  Wildfowl wear their influences on their sleave but leave their originality ringing in our ears.  See the band live and get a copy from iTunes.

Wildfowl on Facebook

Track Listing:

  1. Shackles
  2. Half Cut
  3. You Tripped Me
  4. She Opened Her Legs
  5. Carousel
  6. Denials Your Friend

David Horn


Interview: Rory Asten Bell of Wildfowl

Free Download: The Black Waterside


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