18/12/2012: Then The Wave Came – This Will Not End Well (For You)


I don’t know about you but all this super sweet and cheery Christmas music does our nuts in.  So for this weeks free download we bring you some deathcore, you know just to re-address the balance.

Then The Wave Came are a relentlessly heavy and pounding band that will take your ears hostage and make so many loud noises you’ll forget what silence is.  Just like all kidnappings though you’ll get Stockholm Syndrome.  This Will Not End Well (For You) is driving behemoth of a track.  Starting with a foreboding but light riff the energy builds and builds closer to a thunderstorm of noise.  As this storm breaks Then The Wave Came reveal their true colours.  Riffs and drumbeats smash hurl around your brain as other worldly vocals convey a dark and angry place.  This Will Not End Well (For You) is the perfect antidote to Christmas music.  Get it here and let every bad Christmas track you’ve heard 5oo million times just slip away.

Then The Wave Came also have two other tracks available if that wasn’t enough.


Free Download: Artemis Redeemer – Something More

Free Download: Lynchpyn – Drop The Blade

Free Download: Blind Ambitions – Headlines


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