11/12/12: Escape the Ocean – Mescaline Vigil

***This has now been changed to a pay per download but it’s still very much worth your time***

Happy Tuesday! Yes, we were rubbish and missed the usual Monday release of our free download.

Escape the Ocean

You’ll forgive us when you hear this though!  A favourite of ours, Escape the Ocean.  We reviewed their E.P a while back and decided to give it a bit more love now, it really is a bit good!  The track we’re feeling at the moment is Mescaline Vigil.  Coming straight in with a bouncy and infectious riff this track storms along as heartfelt vocals surf the sound.  Escape the Ocean make brilliant hooky rock, and Mescaline Vigil is a prime example.  That chorus isn’t leaving your head for a while, just sayin’, and the break down … ooof!  Download it and the whole E.P Internal Landscapes here for free and hear what we mean.


Release Review: Escape the Ocean – Internal Landscapes


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