Loaded Pistolas – Underground

University; a fabled land of lie-ins, lazy days, 9p noodles and more time spent in the bar than a lawyer at a war crimes case. Apparently there’s also work involved but that’s just a rumour like the dustbin men.   Somewhere between all of this though three Kent University students have found the time to become a band.   Lonnie Storey, James Hogan and Adam Thompson have fought through the hangovers to create the Loaded Pistolas.  After recording with Dan Lucas they have a new track called Underground that you really do need in your life.

The indie vibes of Loaded Pistolas come through instantly.  A big and expansive riff floats across your mind lazily like an establishing shot of the desert in a Wild West movie.   Then the drums kick into life and transform the song entirely.  Underground takes on an energetic pace and a desperate energy as the track races through your brain.  The drums have an urgent feel to them, sounding tumultuous whilst the guitar riff morphs into something equally as urgent and expressive.  Together with the bass Underground has so much desperate energy you’ll start to look around.  You know, just to make sure nothing terrible is happening you should be avoiding.

The lyrics are a major factor in Loaded Pistola’s sonic adrenaline shot.  Starting off at a relaxed pace as Underground continues they become more and more determined. ‘You turn your back and they’re done for/It’s your dying day’.  This set’s the tone of Underground.  The story telling within the lyrics is also a major strength, something progressive and ambitious rather than circular and standard.  This is also aided by a solid chorus.

The Loaded Pistolas have created a track which can only be described as exciting.  A nearly four minute action movie, in sounds!  Check it out on their Facebook for free.

Loaded Pistolas on Facebook

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Underground

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