Scary Adverts

This was written around a year ago, just a little something something to keep your eyes filled while the next review comes together.

Forget Jedward, The Human Centipede and the iPod, adverts really are the most horrifying thing we’re exposed to today.  The latest advert by Nokia for the ABCD 500,000 (insert blatantly random characters here) show what scary beasts adverts can be.  The sinister whispered delivery by a child is the least scary part of this audio assault.  The advert accuses parents who don’t by the latest mobile cancer factory of actually ruining Christmas and doing their child harm (under 12 if the advert is anything to go by) in their clearly very busy social life where a judgement based on phone apparently means a life of loneliness.

The 30 second terroriser along with classic brands that have audacity to update their adverts and in turn pollute social networking sites present a clear need  to reform advertising through the awesome power of common sense.  It’ll be genius,using horrific advert a new voice would enter the advert and give the kid a slap; telling the kid to be less materialistic and that the true meaning of Christmas is family and fun.  People still believe that right?  Anyway this injection of common sense would be genius across the board.  Technology  – leave the house and go enjoy nature for real rather than watching it HD 3D uber screen and  using its inbuilt link to your brain to natter about whos voted where.

Dave Horn


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