Mitch Emery Vs. Fade: The Interview

Why, hello there Ladies and Gentleman, Mitch Emery strikes again This time with an interview with a guy who is a good friend of mine and a bloody talented producer and DJ to boot (yes, I heard his music first, so had no bias). His name is Connor Heaney, you may call him… ‘FADE’… Here We go:

 So who is Fade?

Fade is an extremely underrated Electronica producer from Manchester.

 How very modest! Why not tell us a bit about your music?

If I mustn’t sound big-headed, I would say I was a talented producer, my music more originated from being brought up by ravers and house music lovers, so it’s fair to say that I was genetically engineered to make the music that I do.

What defines you from every other producer out there?

Well I was originally a DJ, I got my first set of DJ decks when I was 9 years old. So I would say I was more of a performer, but I do produce. When I started producing, I already had a vague idea of arrangement, beat signatures and what not. But the main thing of what sets producers apart is simply one word: Passion. With some people it’s blatant, with others it isn’t, I can fairly say I was passionate!

 What would you say is your greatest achievement to date as a DJ/Producer? You’ve already done some pretty cool stuff at just 18?

Well I have had a few great things happen to me, I can’t narrow down the best thing to just one.  I got signed to a record label in London, and then in Manchester, that was a great achievement, then I Got to perform alongside Tempa T.  My single “Elephant Juice” Exploded and a lot of great things came from that.  Finally as you may or may not know, The club “Sankeys” was rated in DJ mags No.1 club in the world, so me getting a job there and a monthly set made me feel proud of myself and really made me realise that I’m starting to make it! 😀

 Impressive stuff! Moving away from the performance now, a few questions on the gear and lifestyle… Let’s start with my favorite controversy… DIGITAL DJ’s!!!! What’s your opinion?

I have no problem with any format on which people perform with, I mean people move forward with technology and I have no problem with that, but the term “DJ” derives from the words “Disc Jockey”. When you DJ from a laptop and a controller, you’re not exactly jockeying disc’s now are you? I don’t doubt that the people using laptops don’t have talent, but I just think it takes the feel away from it, only turntable DJ’s will get where I’m coming from.

 Ok, next up, the gear… You dream set up: Decks, Mixer and Headphones?

A pair of Technics 1210’s MK5 turntables, such a beautiful piece of engineering! Then a pair of Pioneer Nexus CDJ 2000’s! Then a Pioneer DJM800 such a good mixer, so versatile powerful, very durable.  And Senheiser HD25 MK2 headphones, great sound quality as well as durable, and a Function1 sound system because I like loud music.

 Ok, following that, the look? Do you feel your look as a DJ is different to your day to day attire?

I just wear what I’d wear for a night out, all though I am planning to get a ‘Head sized’ cross fader as my gimmick.

 Care to elaborate on this ‘head sized cross-fader’?

Well my producing/DJ name is “FADE” and this derived from a cross-FADE-r, so I suppose it’s fitting to do so!

Ah, very nice, I look forward to seeing this. Right then, you’ve got an album coming out, why not tell us about that?

Well the album is not 100% confirmed yet, but it will be based on the new types of music I’ve been highly getting in to, Deep/Tech/Progressive House, nothing heavy this time.

 Is there anything you would like to say before we finish off?

Well, thank you for interviewing me, and thanks to everyone who paid interest in it, I hope you enjoy my music and enthusiasm when you see me perform!

Mitch Emery


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