Syd Arthur – Dorothy

Dorothy, it’s a name.  A girls name to be more precise.  It’s also the name of Syd Arthur’s new single.  The forth track on their album On and On, this joins previous singles like Ode to the Summer.  A very strong album, this is just one more reason to explore the Canterbury based psycadelic band.

Dorothy begins with an uncertain and nervous energy as a shy riff and vocal creep into your mind.  Whatever the mood Dorothy maintains a floaty meandering feel as riffs and sounds swirl around your mind like leafs in the wind.  As Dorothy continues it gets more confident and bold.  As the song reaches its final minute it has an entirely bigger sound than that first nervous riff.  Just like those teachers at school though that could scare the crumbs off toast without even raising their voice this song doesn’t  have to try.  It manages to sound bigger and more epic effortlessly, the tempo and delivery doesn’t change dramatically but Syd Arthur manage to create an atmosphere.

Dorothy is feat of storytelling both sonically and verbally.  As the sound grows it tells a story of development as the track climbs from shy nervousness to unashamed boldness.  This is helped by a soulful breakdown and a chorus with an epic quality however it is delivered.  The other story here comes through the lyrics.  They begin sounding fragile using sad and definite terms, ‘Like a fading trace/Over in the blink of an eye’.  As the song develops though they change their outlook and open up to bigger ideas.  The song ends on that epic chorus, as the lyrics brought to life by the vocals sound almost triumphant, chiming ‘Out of my mind/Today the world has never been clear.

The song ends celebrating being lost, and all this allows you to find.  Dorothy is just another reason to get their album On and On, a genius combination of soundscapes and moods.

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Dorothy
  2. Dorothy (Live)

Syd Arthur on Bandcamp

Syd Arthur on Facebook

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