Digital DJing, The Controversy

What with leading the glamorous lifestyle I do (complete with fine Champagne, private jets to my party season DJ residency at Space in Ibiza, numerous cars, multiple mansions and diamond encrusted laptop I write these articles on) I am writing this article whilst on an early morning bus to University! ‘Living the highlife eh Mitch’ I hear you say… or am I miss-hearing the cries of ‘bus wanker’? I have been told I bare a resemblance to Will from TV comedy ‘The Inbetweeners’, where this marvellous phrase gained notoriety.

No, I write this article on a public bus, at 7:30am on a Monday morning. Some may say this is a ludicrous time to be even considering taking on such work, but I find that my slightly irritable nature at this early time may help to convey the point I am about to make in a far more direct way. Here goes….

As I mentioned in my previous article (my first in fact) I am a DJ. However, there are some who would disagree with this statement, due to one simple fact… I use a laptop to DJ with… NO CD’S? *SHOCK!* NO VINYL? * HORROR!* MORE CREATIVE CONTROL OVER MY MIXES? *GASP* THIS CANNOT BE!!!!! Yet why does this cause such violent outrage and anger within the DJ scene? Why must we be divided simply due to the format we like to play songs on? Why can we not just get along and be united by our music? Well, let’s have a look.

The first point I would like to make is to wonder, do the people listening to the music actually care where it is coming from? I am as of yet to see a crowd grooving on down to vinyl, boogieing the night away to CD’s and then, as the digital DJ plugs in his laptop, leaving in protest of the DJ DARING to use this modern way of mixing! They will not stand for this monstrosity of technology! Oh, hang on, wait a minute… Nope, as long as they like the music, they don’t give a s**t!

Now, I am in no means having a dig at non-digital DJ’s, I respect all DJ’s, regardless of their chosen style of music or the format on which they spin (vinyl DJ’s I have big respect for, as the art of vinyl mixing is a bloody tough one to master, one which I have yet to master what with using either laptop or cd’s) but at the end of the day, as long as the tunes are good, why must we fight so much? Yes, digital DJ’s may have the use of a sync button (would just to make it clear that I manually beat-match) to automatically beat-match with, but if they don’t know all the other skills needed to mix with, this will be of no use to anybody! Beat-matching is a good skill for the DJ to have (as it enables you to mix on more than laptops), but is not the only skill needed… So come on DJ’s, why don’t we all play nicely and return our focus not to the format which we mix on, but the tunes that we play and the music that brings us together!

Mitch Emery


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