Common Outlaw – Ashes

Common Outlaw are roaming again.  Happily they won’t ambush you on the highways of Kent.  They will fill your ears with music though.  The Dover based band‘s new E.P Ashes adds three new tracks to the bands arsenal.  Ashes treats you to rock and roll; filled with riffs, energy and passion.  The E.P also shows a new element to the band, showing how they’ve grown and developed as musicians and writers.

Reborn proves this instantly.  A big and building riff kicks off straight away, finally breaking into a powerful guitar line.  The track has a classic sound to it in all the best ways.  As the drums and guitars power the track through your mind the vocals match the track’s intensity.  The lyrics go hand in hand with the music as they speak of destruction, heartache and rebirth over the noisy power house.    Your ears finally get a little silence but before they can relax the song kicks into overdrive.  Reborn isn’t just a piece of rock’n’roll swagger.  It also shows how Common Outlaw have been reborn and are ready to take on the world.

Catalyst follows, showing the softer the side of Common Outlaw’s sound.  Complete with a Rolling Stones reference the track brings you in gently with heartfelt vocals and an acoustic guitar.  Then the drums kick in complete with another moving guitar riff giving the track a new life.  Keeping with the theme of rebirth and change the vocals deliver moving and honest lyrics.  ‘For your sake walkaway/And let this building burn beside of me’ shows the bands depth.

Crossing Down The Line kicks straight in with some demanding drumming and another riff taking your attention span hostage.  Heartfelt vocals add to the mix, bringing a Stereophonics feel to the track.  The song continues to build, as the riff morphs into a swaggery beast and some inventive drumming takes over.  This again shows the pure style and rock’n’roll nature of the band, and their ability to combine it with something meaningful.

This is the next progression of Common Outlaw.  A combination of quality rock music and lyrics that aren’t just there to add vocals, all three of these tracks have a life of their own.  Common Outlaw show their influences through their music but also showcase their own creativity.  A strong record!  Why not go and grab a copy?!

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David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Reborn
  2. Catalyst
  3. Crossing Down The Line

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