Mary Dillon – John Condon

The Irish accent is amazing.  Someone Irish could be reading out the terms of my phone contract (very important it seems) and I’d still be hooked.  Happily Mary Dillon is back after a fifteen year break from music.  Even better, she’s not reading my phone contract.  Instead she tells a beautiful story of a World War I recruit.

Back as artist in her own right this is her first single.  John Condon is a celebration of contrast between a peaceful instrumental and a dark moving tale.  As the music drifts towards you like a soulful lullaby Mary’s vocals soothe your mind and take you away.  As words form in the peaceful mist though the full sadness of this story and one Irish son’s war experiences strike you.

More than just a passive tale however, Mary asks questions.  ‘Now tell me John/For I go on/What did you come here for?’  Questions such as this capture the age perfectly, no doubt John’s answer would be heavy with propaganda.  The dichotomy between John’s motives and the story’s sad tale is echoed again by the beautiful music and the voice of Mary against the lyrics she sings.

As different as both halves of this track are they are both equally touching.  The first single from the album North this points to a powerful album that leaves a lasting impression.  Music with a purpose, the story has a timeless nature.  A nature which sadly still plays out.  Hear the single in full here.

Mary Dillon on Facebook

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. John Condon

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