The Objectors – Dub Is Thicker Than Water

It’s getting cold outside.  Don’t mess around with all coats, thermal underwear or even flasks of coffee.  I prescribe you a nice warm earful of dub.  It’ll make you warm and toasty though it may give you the enjoyment sweats.  The dub of choice comes from The Objectors, the two piece have released their debut E.P Dub Is Thicker Than Water.  Across six tracks you’ll get the perfect dose of anti-winter.

Like all the best medicine this comes with instructions.  Before you press play be sure you’re sitting comfortably with food and drink.  You’ll be too relaxed to even consider moving.  As you press play The Objectors welcome you into their reality.  Built using old school reggae vibes it is shaped with haunting vocals (in a friendly way like Casper the ghost) that seem just out of reach at all times.  The guitar adds to the tone and mood.  The end result of this is music that will slip under your skin and into your brain before you know what’s happening.

Not sticking with one mood, the E.P uses dubbed out reggae as a platform to explore from.  Tracks like Storm In A Tea Cup send out warmth and sunshine through your soul as a tropical riff filters through your ears.  The guitar in this track also proves that even at a slow dub pace it can sound interesting and inventive.  Heads Up is a track which radiates laziness, bringing the relaxed state of your brain to a new peak as ‘Born too late’ slides out the background.   There and Back carries with it a triumphant sound, sounding like the theme song for a conquering king.

The vocals act more as something to think on as your mind wanders away than as lyrics, and in this role work very well.  The one track where they step up is the closer Cold Last Night.  Here they suit the tracks energy and perfectly and bring out the trippy nature of the E.P.  Across the E.P the array of sounds leaves plenty for your ears to think about whilst maintaining the balance and effect throughout.

A record to lose yourself in, if you have half an hour to spend there’s no better way than by listening to this.  Like all good medicine though I wouldn’t recommend listening to this while driving.

The Objectors on Facebook

The Objectors on Sound Cloud

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. I, Object (Blocked Nose)
  2. Run Around In Circles
  3. Storm In A Tea Cup
  4. Heads Up
  5. There and Back
  6. Cold Last Night

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