The Week in Gigs 15th – 21th October

This week our gigs start from Thursday so if we’re missing any let us know!  Having said that we still have plenty to keep you busy.

Our first offering is in Maidstone.  On Thursday combine two great loves.  Music and pizza!  Pizza Express are hosting The Charlie Rivers Band, Fred Clark, Kyla Stroud and The Paul Dunton Ensemble.  Acoustic music at it’s finest.  Find more details here.

On Saturday you’re going to have to make some choices I’m afraid.  Do you go to The Westcoast Bar in Margate for a heavy night and check out Hang the Bastard, Desolated, Sincerity and Raising Hell?  If you this sounds like you, we recommend clicking here.   Then again you could go to Platform 5 in Ashford and check out another heavy night!  Starting acousticly and ending .. slightly differently treat yourself to the likes of Beki Robinson, Atlantica, Insult, Blacken the Name and the Black Shapes.  Click here for more.  Into you’re beats? The might Hospitality is coming to Kent!  Folkestone’s Leas Cliff Hall to be precise.  Find out more here.  Acoustic soul and jazz do it for you?  Bar 19 in Charing hosts The Emily Lane Trio.  Interested?  A busy day!  Maybe try and clone yourself?

Sunday is less of a choice, still a tough one though.  The Westcoast Bar in Margate has the mighty Hawthorne Heights!   Accompanied by Burn the Fleet, Lower Lands, Third Place Victory, Moose Blood and The South Coast Saints.  Tempted?  Meanwhile in Canterbury, all over Canterbury in fact check out the City. Sound. Project.  It features lots our favorites and then a lot more again!  Check out Coco and the Butterfields, Slaves, Elle Rayenne, Blaise Paisel, History of the Trade (one of their last shows!) Zorzilla .. and many more!  Find more here!

Good luck deciding.  Have a great week!


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