Seconds From Ruin – 442

Maidstone’s very own Rebirth Records have a new signing.  Ok, so the signing aren’t technically from Kent but if Rebirth Records like them then its close enough … give or take a few hours drive.  Welsh band Seconds From Ruin are here with their third single 442.  I’m not sure what the significance of 442 is, but for once I’m going to doubt Urban Dictionary is right.

Following the great tradition of Welsh rock Seconds From Ruin  treat you to a wave of riffs and energy washing through your ears.  Kicking straight off with a big riff and not looking back, you think you have the track down.  Then out of the blue a synth line ambushes you and drags you off to some place new.  The song doesn’t take a break from the energy, more determined than a rock star with a drugs problem.  I think I’ve been reading too many biographies …  This is apart from a frankly impressive synth solo!  Honest vocals add to the driving drums, synths and riffs to make a solid and strong track.

Clearly Rebirth Records are working the band too hard though as the chorus ‘it’s a crazy world/when will it end’ chimes in.  Someone give them a holiday quickly!  Joking aside though the band cover something everyone can relate to.  Crazy as their world may be though their generosity is not in doubt.  To get hold of this song all you need to is click your way through the Facebook jungle to their page.  Again you’ll wander what is it about Wales that makes so many talented rock bands.  Personally I think it’s the most entertaining root of escaping the rain – to tour sunny places in a rock band.

While your compiling your own blatantly scientific and fact based theory download 442 and enjoy!

Seconds From Ruin on Facebook

Rebirth Records on Facebook

David Horn


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