History of the Trade – Silver Screens E.P

It’s nearly winter; don’t pretend to be unhappy though, British people love the cold weather.  It’s a little something to complain about and it also means it’s nearly Christmas.  Sadly for the winter lovers and happily for the winter deniers History of the Trade have an E.P out.  Out since June the Silver Screens E.P will bring back so much summer you’ll have tan lines.

Lurking beneath the black album cover and colourful text (shiny things amuse me) are four vibrant and driven tracks.  One Arm’s Length opens the E.P.  A tropical riff instantly sweeps you away before the chorus steps up triumphantly.  Alongside some powerful drumming the vocals enter your brain sounding soothing yet also urgent and pressing in places.  Track two Grand Designs carries on not missing an ounce (I imagine this is how vibes are measured) of the good vibes.  Another tropical riff and soothing vocals swirl around your head.  The drumming takes a new edge, persuading your legs move and not sounding a million miles away from something Bloc Party or We Are Scientists might produce.  Never a bad thing.  You think you have the song pegged and then two thirds in, boom!  A monster solo climbs out of the guitars transforming the song into a fast and heavy indie rocker.  Dropping back down into the tropical vibes you’re put down again, a smile making your face ache.

These summarise the sound of History of the Trade perfectly; warm, inviting and ever so slightly unpredictable.  Spectrums speeds along on a wave positivity and light guitars sonically.  Lyrically though it highlights the other dimension to the band.  Spectrum deals with relationships, describing a relationship when it’s not doing so well and how to get out of it.  The commentary on relationships can be seen throughout the E.P, making an interesting contrast between the instruments.  It gives your mind something to think about at least while your feet have been possessed by the beats.  The final track Reel Eyes is unpredictable to.  It moves away from the tropical audio sunshine of the previous tracks, and takes a darker tone.  The riff is still laced with a degree of positivity though, like a candle in the fog.  Building into another heavy riff and then an undeniably potent bass part the song fades out.

It leaves the band’s skill as well as sound firmly implanted in your mind, but you might want to run for the after sun quickly.  The E.P is well produced and worthy of a few pennies.  It is however yours for free unless you do feel like giving the band a little money.  Get it!  That’s all I can say really.

History of the Trade on Facebook

History of the Trade on Band Camp

David Horn

Track Listing

  1. One Arm’s Length
  2. Grand Design
  3. Spectrums
  4. Reel Eyes

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