This Week in Gigs

Pinch, punch, first of the month.  That might work better in person  in all honesty – which is good because there are a lot of gigs this week to meet you at!  There are gigs from a lot of Banned Reviews favourites to sink your ears into.

First things first, Crashgate have their E.P launch party on Thursday (4th of October).  The new material sounds amazing and live they’re an awesome and entertaining band.  Don’t take my word for it though head to The Walmer Castle pub in deal and decide for yourself.  Wild Child plus two bands TBC are supporting.  Click here for more details.

Dye your hair green and put on a London accent, Friday (5th of October) see’s Folkestone’s View and Bar Below host a punk night.  It should be eventful!  Check out 7 Day Conspiracy, Ted Diabiase and The Million Dollar Punk Band, Insult and The Half-Wits!  Click here for more information.

If you find yourself closer to Margate than Folkestone on Friday then The Westcoast Bar have you covered.  They have a night of new blood.  Head down to see Atlantica, Escape the Ocean, With Open Arms and Anchors Down.  Find more information here.

Saturday is all about Canterbury and Equafest.  Click here for more information but check this out for a line-up!


Headline act – TBA

Foreboding Ether –

Then the wave came – The Storm –

Magnitude –

Dead Reckoning –

Third place victory –

The homecoming –

Throughout our Fears –

Wretched Soul –

Transcending the Flesh –

Locusts –



Faultline –

Predicting the Fall –

Avenge thee + Naime –

Within the Silence –

The Blissful Mop –

Find full listings here!


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