Escape the Ocean – Internal Landscapes

Thalassophobia.  There’s a word I bet you didn’t expect to see (if I’m honest I had to look it up).  Fear of the sea is what it means, and it may well be something Deal based band Escape the Ocean suffer from.  Happily they’re not afraid to make music and have turned out a very cool E.P.  Internal Landscapes is their debut release, and it’s something you really need in your life.

Across four tracks the band show the virtue of precision and balance, a little like monks with good aim.  Track one All Signs Point to Yes is a perfect example of this.  Hammering down your ears like a sugar junky hammering at the door of a sweet shop it’s punchy, energetic and accomplished.  Everything within the track is just right, never too much or too little.  Having said this, don’t expect something cold and uninviting.  The track is heartfelt, passion and talent shining through the vocals and playing.  Track two One Sided Dice shows this balance further, beginning with tender and fragile guitars and drums.  The song’s ending is slightly different, big guitars and powerful vocals see the song raging and intense.  The in-between part (I hear that’s also called the middle) is five minute build-up that takes you along with it.  It also shows the level of variation within the band, they have plenty to keep you entertained.

It could be the infectiously upbeat opening riff to Mesculine Vigil or the slow groove of Exit Wound’s bass line.  Whatever tickles your ear’s pickle you’ll find a little smile of appreciation etching itself on your face.  The guitar parts are interesting throughout occasionally catching you out whilst the drumming drives the songs forward with finesse.  Add some creative bass lines and the instrumental aspect of the band is slightly epic.  Riding this wave of sound are the vocals.  Emotive and powerful they combine with the music to match the vibe perfectly, both fragile in places and strong whilst always sounding honest.  They even go a bit Justin Hawkins in Exit Wound.  The lyrics are dosed with tales of the heart.  A little like Adele’s if she were a guy, in a band and packing a lot of energy.  Ok, maybe not so much like Adele.  A major strength of the lyrics is that verses are equally as powerful as the choruses.  You won’t have a chorus so catchy it comes with a glove spamming your brain whilst the verses get pushed out into the corner with the Christmas decorations.

Throughout the E.P your struck by it’s quality.  Not something written in 30 seconds and recorded in a bus shelter, it sounds thorough and thought out.  A credit both the band and Hidden Track Studios deserve.  With it’s continual build, variation and melodic anger One Sided Dice is a stand-out track of the E.P with all the tracks very worthy of your attention.  It’s all yours for free on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  Check here for when they’re playing next and other local gigs you may like.

Escape the Ocean on Facebook.

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. All Signs Point To Yes
  2. One Sided Dice
  3. Mesculine Vigil
  4. Exit Wound

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