The Tied – I Think You Think You Know Me

Maidstone in Kent is the home to many things.  They have shops, pubs and rumour has it a thriving colony of penguins (ok that last bit was a lie, but it would be cool right?!).  It’s also home to indie rock ‘n’ rollers The Tied.  Back with their second E.P I Think You Think You Know Me they have five tracks ready to sink into your body and move your limbs without your permission.

A punchy guitar signifies the start of this E.Ps assault on your ears.  Joined by a powerful drumbeat and smooth vocals you’re introduced to track one It Takes Two To Make An Accident as well as Maidstone’s answer to Carl Barat.  Fast paced and urgent you’re instantly transported to an adventurous mind set with the urge to go out and get on it.  ‘Our morals spinning like the wheels … watch out for my car please’.  Telling a story equally ambitious, relatable and grounded with an obscenely catchy chorus, this track firmly secures The Tied’s place in your head.  Helpfully there are four more tracks for you to wrap your ears around.  Track two Young Renegades doesn’t let up.  Another energetic riff explodes down your ears, rapid and driving the track tells a story of night time adventures.  Some creative vocals and guitar parts give the track the feeling of an instant classic and a lad’s anthem.

This is the formula across the E.P, and a winning one.  It has its fair share of surprises however.  Kill All The Gentlemen acts as a surprize history lesson as well as exercising the bands for violent side.  Seriously I wouldn’t want to annoy them.  The playful and dynamic energy of the E.P also takes a brief break as The Joker introduces a dark side.  From the sultry riff to the lyrics the song echoes a sense of frustration, all done with the same energy and style.  Clearly a moody day’s song writing.  The final track Tennessee gives up one last surprize.  Gone are the tales of trouble causing and in come warm guitars and what could nearly be considered a love song.  Full of sentiment the song brings a smile to your face.  She maybe the only ten he sees but she doesn’t see it that way.

The word for this E.P is swagger.  It has it and you’ll think you have it.  Let’s hope it transfers or there could be a few bad nights The Tied have to answer for.  I Think You Think You Know me is energetic indie rock ‘n’ roll delivered with masses of style and finesse.  With enough energy to power a small town it is the perfect sound track to a night out.  It’s built on talented playing, slick vocals and refreshingly realistic lyrics. The whole thing will sit in your head like a drunk person in the middle of the pavement.  The production and sound of the record show the professionalism of the band whilst the content shows they’re equally up for a laugh.

This is a solid indie record that achieves everything a good indie record should.  It’ll pump you up and make you laugh.  Grab a copy, go on … who knows where it might lead!  Check here for their gigs plus others.

The Tied on Facebook

The Tied on Soundcloud

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. It Takes Two to Make An Accident
  2. Young Renegades
  3. Kill All The Gentlemen
  4. The Joker
  5. Tennessee

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