Atlantica – There and Back Again E.P

Atlantica. If this is a band new to you then you could be in for a surprize.  One of the good ones, like finding £60 randomly stashed away and having a night out so good you can’t remember what happened.  Even the name, Atlantica, doesn’t give much a way.  But over the course of six tracks the There and Back Again E.P will show you exactly who this band are and what they’re about.

Track one helpfully named Square One kicks things of, a building riff that sets a decidedly tranquil tone to things.  Well played and blissful even this doesn’t shed anymore light on Atlantica’s true identity, like a musical Batman without the gravelly voice.  What it does to though is set up track two Heroes and Thieves perfectly, pounding you instantly with energy the track blasts down your ears on a sea of driving drums and big guitars.  Finishing things off are the vocals, strong in their delivery they manage to cover both melodic choruses and harsh honest verses with equal skill.  This is the real Atlantica, honest, energised and creative.  There and Back again continues the vibe, it’ll sweep you along with its speed whilst engraving itself in your head.  Amongst the energy you’re also treated to intelligent breakdowns and riffs.  The track also shows the bands progress, re-recorded for the E.P the track is much more accomplished than version one.

Lyrically the tracks are honest and open, lines such as ‘I will be stronger on my own two feet’ staying in your head and resonating.  Not making bold statements about capitalism or why cheese is bad the lyrics are inclusive and invite you in.  Before you get too warm and fuzzy they’re inviting you to mosh and go generally mental for a little while.  The inventive playing and clear delivery gives them maximum impact, everything working together to make four quality tracks complete with an intro and interlude.  Unlike the opener the final track And I Must Go keeps up the trend set by the previous tracks and goes for it, but still finds time to sneak in a nice guitar breakdown in amongst the solid drumming.  Winding down to a vocal close vocalist Elliot Dixon gets a few seconds to indulge his broken heart without those pesky instruments to distract you.  A solid ending though to a very strong debut E.P

Well produced with strong tracks this E.P points to a big future for the band.  Easily worth at least a pint this will cost you nothing.  This gives you no excuse not to go and wrap your ears around it!  Find the band on Facebook along with the link to get your own copy.  See the band live and hear them in person, dates for them and other gigs are here.

Atlantica on Facebook.

Atlantica on Soundcloud.

David Horn

Track listing:

  1. Square One
  2. Heroes and Thieves
  3. There and Back Again
  4. In Vivid Colour
  5. Reflection
  6. And I Must Go

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