Slaves – Sugar Coated Bitter Truth!

‘You are all slaves’ is the first thing that greets you when you open the case to Sugar Coated Bitter Truth.  That’s before you’ve even played the album!  Punk duo Slaves are out to harass your ears with tunes.  Sometimes funny they do exactly what they say on the tin (fast forward 30 years, they’ll totally possibly advertise wood related products, or butter .. maybe). Cutting straight to the point the dulcet tones/drumming of Isaac Holmes and the guitar work of Laurie Vincent combine to make something a bit special.

Not giving your ears any time to prepare track one Cease Fire kicks straight into life.  If this were the Matrix you’d definitely be disappointed by the reality you saw after taking Slaves sugar coated bitter pill of truth.  Bleak it may be but as far as sounds go it’s a good place to be.  Keeping the energy going It’s An Epidemic launches into action, attacking the mass consumption epidemic.  These tracks set the tone of the album, uncompromising with something urgent to say.  Slaves still bring a smile to your face though every now and again.  Black Rose tells the story of a girl who loses her way, and includes some genius delivery by Holmes.  ‘Put your knickers/Get out my house’.  That line and the way it leaves Holmes mouth won’t fail to make you have a cheeky smile.

The album vibrates with energy like a kid on Ritalin, full of statements and passion.  Underneath it all however is a very high quality.  From the witty insightful lyrics, relentless and creative drumming and the guitars that keep the vibes going whilst also managing to surprize and impress you this album is well worth discovering on a few levels.  White Knuckle Ride shows all the elements of Slaves coming together perfectly.  More inspired lyrics like ‘You say words that I don’t approve of and I’ve said some terrible sentences’ are joined an angrily uplifting and energetic guitar riff.  All this is held together by a sincerity that sets them apart from the bands that are punk just to be punk.

Ending on Beauty Quest you’re treated to more inspired lyrics and more excellent drumming.  This album does nice things to your insides whilst having real sincerity to its content.  At a one off press of 250 copies it’s also a hard one to get hold of, so get on it by visiting them at Big Cartel!  See this band live and get the album!

David Horn

Slaves on Facebook

Slaves on Big Cartel

Track Listing:

  1. Cease Fire
  2. Its An Epidemic
  3. Wishing Well
  4. Black Rose
  5. Girl Fight
  6. Suicide
  7. She Grew Old
  8. White Knuckle Ride
  9. Beauty Quest

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